Employment in the city of posting

The opportunities for finding employment in the city of posting vary depending on which part of the world you move to.  In some cities there are many options, while in others the options are much more limited and it is better to focus on distance learning, volunteering activities or pursuing a hobby.  The opportunities for distance working have increased significantly following the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a good idea to start investigating the possibilities in your particular city of posting before moving so that your expectations are realistic.
You can get information in advance about work opportunities, studies or other matters by looking through the station report and contacting the embassy official with responsibility for matters concerning accompanying partners or another embassy official.  Another suggestion is to contact other accompanying partners in the city of posting or with knowledge of the city.

Network for expats
If you are not already a member of InterNations, the global community for expats, it can be worthwhile checking whether they have a group for expats in your city of posting. InterNations can help you meet new friends, network, find information and take part in different activities they organise, such as sport, culture, etc.